We Deliver Seafood With Integrity

Seafood With Integrity is an intangible business decree that accentuates the strong moral principles and transparency of Atlantic Sustainable Catch and its subsidiary companies. Seafood With Integrity encompasses everything we do; from the way we treat our employees, the way we value our fishermen, our commitment to our customers and to the many partners that have helped make us a leader in the seafood industry. Atlantic Sustainable Catch is a seafood platform that is propelled by its subsidiary companies Northern Wind, Raymond O’ Neill & Son Fisheries and Suncoast Seafood.
seafood with integrity

By participating in all parts of the seafood supply chain from harvesting to processing and distribution of our seafood products, Atlantic Sustainable Catch and its subsidiary companies provide complete transparency and traceability of their seafood products from sea to table. Furthermore, our company Northern Wind can substantiate the traceability of its scallop supply chain by government reported harvest data by simply clicking on a QR code from a smart phone. An Industry 1st!

We understand the integrity of the seafood industry is dependent on the industry itself, which is why we collaborate with the Marine Stewardship Council, the British Retail Consortium and the American Scallop Association. Northern Wind’s facilities are certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce Inspection Program for packing USDA Grade A fresh and frozen scallops. In 2019, Northern Wind constructed a new state-of-the-art 38,000 square foot processing and freezing facility. The new facility has a 21,600 square foot freezer that holds 5.5 million pounds of scallops. The new facility enables Northern Wind to procure and freeze 3 times more scallops than its original facilities which provides inventory levels for optimal pricing.

Raymond O’Neill & Son Fisheries and Suncoast Seafood facilities are certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, CFIA, C-TPAT, PIP and SQF certified. Together, they offer over 75,000 square feet for the processing of North Atlantic Lobster.

As global stewards of sustainable seafood, we know that fish and shellfish are renewable resources that can reproduce and replenish their populations naturally. Because of this, the industry can sustainably harvest seafood within certain limits without depleting the resources with proper management. With good management systems in place, as an industry we can make sure we have sustainable populations of seafood for generations to come.

That’s why when we purchase fish and shellfish from around the globe, we are purchasing from fisheries which are responsibly harvested using sustainable practices that contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of the planet.

Our unique value chain capabilities allows us to leverage our extensive experience and expertise in every aspect of our seafood platform to deliver our customers the highest-quality, responsibly harvested seafood in the market today.