Sustainability Statement

As a leading seafood platform, we understand that it’s our responsibility to protect our oceans for future generations and for our employees and their families and everyone who depends upon the oceans for their livelihoods.

seafood sustainability
seafood with integrity

Sustainability and traceability is essential in the way we conduct our business as we strive every day to implement continuous improvement of environmentally and socially responsibly sourced seafood. Through our Seafood With Integrity decree, we continue to seek technological advances to improve the transparency in all aspects of our supply chain from harvesting to processing to distribution. We are the first seafood platform to implement electronic traceability validated to a government harvest record, making it available for our entire US Sea Scallop business and now have made a commitment to implement the same technology for our North American Lobster business.

We seek to be a force for positive change in the industry by sharing data points and providing food safety, sustainability and social certifications on our products allowing our customers to make informed buying decisions when purchasing our products. But we understand we can’t do it alone. To help bring about continued improvement, we believe that working with fisheries, industry peers and governmental agencies is needed in creating a more sustainable and environmentally safe seafood industry.

We can pledge to our employees, customers and partners that we will continue to strive every day to make ourselves and the seafood industry to be leaders in sustainability and traceability.