A Powerful Seafood Platform

Atlantic Sustainable Catch is a leading global seafood platform that is propelled by its subsidiary companies Northern Wind, Raymond O’Neill & Son Fisheries and Suncoast Seafood that are industry leading processors and distributors of Scallops, North Atlantic Lobster and Ahi Tuna.

Our Mission

We consistently strive to innovate and implement continuous improvement of responsibly sourced seafood and to lead the industry in transparency. To provide our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating our expertise, knowledge and professionalism by only marketing and distributing the highest quality seafoods.

Our Vision

To become the industry’s most trusted seafood platform through technology, education and innovation that results in positive economic changes for the seafood industry, our employees, customers and environment.

We’re Global Stewards of Sustainable Seafood.

We’re Confident.
We’re Leaders in Seafood Transparency.
We Get Excited About Our Seafood.
We’re Excited To Talk With Our Customers.
We’re Proud of Our Companies & Employees.
That’s What Sets Us Apart!